Our Services

We have a wonderful team of veterinary professionals.


We’re pleased to offer a variety of services at Comer Veterinary Hospital. To request an appointment for your pet, call our office at (706) 783 5111 or click here to request an appointment online.


Our doctors and staff strive to ensure that your pet’s health is our top priority. We offer comprehensive physical exams for annual wellness care to help prevent illness. We will work closely with you to create a customized wellness plan for your pet.

In the event that your pet does become ill, we will begin by obtaining a thorough history and performing a comprehensive physical exam. Many times, the history and physical exam will provide us with the necessary information to decide on a particular treatment plan. Other times, we may recommend diagnostic tests to better achieve a diagnosis and then formulate a treatment plan specifically for your pet. We will always discuss and communicate all diagnostic/treatment options to you and then decide on the most appropriate plan together.


As with humans, vaccines are available for dogs and cats to help keep them from contracting specific diseases.


Thanks for choosing to spay or neuter your pet! Spaying and neutering are necessary procedures that enhance the quality of your pet’s life, have positive effects on your pet’s health, and aid in curbing the homeless pet population.


Dental disease is the most common diagnosis among cats and dogs of all life stages. The most common clinical signs include tartar and plaque build-up, red and swollen gums, loose teeth, bad breath, decreased appetite, pawing at their face, and overall lethargy or depression. Dental disease that goes untreated can cause significant bacterial infection, gum recession, and bone deterioration that can ultimately result in severe periodontal disease, decay, and tooth loss. Severe dental disease can also lead to the spread of bacteria to other vital organs (liver, kidneys, and heart).

At Comer Veterinary Hospital, we recommend having your pet’s teeth evaluated and examined at least once per year. We will also recommend having pre-anesthetic blood work performed prior to the dental exam in order for our doctors to evaluate your pet’s liver/kidney function and make sure they can tolerate general anesthesia.


Our hospital offers a state-of-the-art sterile surgical suite, where we can perform a variety of different surgical procedures with advanced techniques. The most common surgeries performed by our doctors include spays, neuters, mass removals, bite wound repairs and abscesses, intestinal surgery to obtain biopsies or remove foreign material, laceration repairs, bladder stone removal, ear hematoma repairs, spleen removal, and limb amputations.

It is highly recommended to have pre-anesthetic blood work performed prior to surgery in order for our doctors to evaluate your pet’s liver/kidney function and make sure they can tolerate general anesthesia. We will always create a safe anesthetic protocol that is specifically tailored to your individual pet. While under anesthesia, our nurses will ensure your pet’s comfort and will use special equipment to carefully monitor the following anesthetic parameters: heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation level (SpO2), carbon dioxide level, blood pressure, body temperature, and heart electrical rhythm (ECG). Your pet will always be supported with IV fluid therapy and heat support.


Some pets will benefit from a specific prescription diet that contains particular ingredients geared to treating and preventing certain disease processes. Our doctors and highly trained staff will be able to make recommendations and help you decide which diet is best for your pet.

When looking at commercial brand pet foods, please look for products that contain the label and are approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Pet foods approved by AAFCO have met the standards and requirements needed to ensure its quality and nutritional value.

Alternatively, home-cooked diets can be a great option for your pet, but can be difficult to ensure it is well balanced and nutritious. Please ask our doctors for more information regarding home-cooked diets.


In the event that you feel your pet’s quality of life has diminished and that he or she may be suffering, our doctors can perform a physical examination to help with determining if humane euthanasia should be considered. Euthanasia is a peaceful and pain-free procedure that ends your loved one’s suffering.